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CST Solutions in collaboration with Ronish Baxter has designed a Level 3 secure communication platform for data, voice and image transmission on Peer-to-Peer. The system is designed to provide mobile communications with and without fibre at each end-point. The system requires a static IP at the server end while others may use dymanic sessions. Ronish Baxter's vast experience in the crypto world with blockchain fundamentals has revolutionalized communications with data security and privacy being at the forefront.
  Secure Communications
  Keeping in mind existing and evolving threat scenarios, along with other technical feasibilities, CST with world renowed crypto expert Ronish Baxter has built a customized communication infrastructure that is independent and stand-alone to each client entity, based on its threat perception. The CST secure communications is an integrated system aimed to provide round the clock, secured communications from hub to regional devices.

Our extensive experience with private, military and law enforcement agencies, our primary strength lies in our proprietary software

The system creates a Virtual Private Network (V.P.N) over the Internet to connect multiple offices of different locations. Data can be transferred securely. Files and resources can be shared as though they are physically connected on the same network.

In this solution, the small offices are considered secondary sites. V.P.N connections to the secondary sites are configured as hub and spoke. One of the primary sites, the Co-location site, is the central hub for V.P.N connectivity to the small offices. The central hub uses tunnel switching to route V.P.N traffic between each secondary site and all other sites. The small offices depend heavily on the reliability of the central hub, because it is a possible single point of failure for VPN tunnels from these secondary sites. If the organisation adds additional remote locations, it could become necessary to expand the capacity of the central hub.

If most shared network resources are located at a single location, a centralized (hub and spoke) V.P.N architecture could be a better solution. If shared network resources are primarily dispersed among the remote sites, decentralized (full mesh) V.P.N architecture could be a better solution.




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